How to join »LèGéNd«


at the moment we have a memberstop, we only make an exception with a special somebody. Wink 


there is a procedure if you want to join us, we have some rules and the most important one is: skills. Cool 

if you don't have skills then don't try to join us.


but there are more things, we want to know our members, and vice versa..

the following procedure is active:

if you want to join us, contact one of the leaders: »LèGéNd«Hêllßøy!, »LèGéNd«]RTC[, »LèGéNd« Ironstorm!

then, they will decide: if they know you very good and they are convinced that you have a lot of skills then you probebly may

join but if they don't know you very good, you can have a first tryout and if you pass this tryout, there is a next step.

this step is that you have to play a lot on the legend server and make contact with the members,

just to get to know each other......  Laughing Laughing Laughing


when you have done this for about a month, go then back to the leaders and you'll have a second tryout.

if this goes well then you probebly may join.  (or in extreem matters no second tryout, including failure and passing) Cry

if you see a player with ‘»LèGéNd«.T.’ playing, it means he is a tryout member....


the current tryout members are: